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Heyco’s New Nytye® Nylon 12 Cable Ties

Product Updates, Heyco

Heyco recently expanded its line of Heyco® Nytye® Nylon 12 Cable Ties to include various lengths, widths, and tensile strengths to accommodate a variety of applications. 

Lengths now range from just 3.94” to 27.95” and tensile strengths range from 18lbs. to 120lbs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Smooth, radiused edges ensure that Nytyes won't cut into the cable's insulation - or the installer's hand
  • Nylon 12 cable ties are weather/UV resistant and suitable for high moisture, corrosive and low temperature indoor or outdoor applications.

If you would like more information on Heyco Products, please contact your Tower representative at 800.688.6937, or by using our online information request form.