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HEYClip™ Nylon Push Screws - HPLP Series

Product Updates, Heyco

Heyco's expands their Nylon Push Screws with their new HPLP Series. The HPLP threaded fasteners push in like a rivet or drive fastener, but can be removed like a traditional threaded fastener without compromising the part (when used in a threaded hole).


  • Installs like a traditional nylon push rivet but removable/reusable. 
  • Remove by unscrewing like a traditional threaded fastener. 
  • Saves time by installing with finger-tip pressure. 
  • Low insertion force but high extraction force.
  • Can be used in a Clearance hole or a threaded hole. Removable when used in a threaded hole.
  • Product line offers a wide range of assembled panel thicknesses from .03˝ to 1.16˝ and hole sizes from .083˝ to .250˝ Dia.

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