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Top Fictional Scary Robots and Androids

Science fiction and horror movies are full of scary characters that leave a lasting impression on viewers. These are some of the scariest fictional movie robots and androids. 


Ash from Alien is scary with his humanlike capabilities. He looks like a real person and is manipulative and intelligent. He is also difficult to kill. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, Ripley and her crew mates were able to kill him by wiping his memory from the ship’s computer system. 

Terminator and T-1000

Terminator and T-1000 from Terminator are cyborg assassins created by Skynet. They are both human in appearance, having living tissue extended over a robotic exoskeleton. They are capable of shape-shifting their limbs into weapons with which to kill humans. 

Lore from Star Trek

Lore is a brother to both Data and B-4. He is a prototype android and sophisticated and intelligent. However, he is also clever, self-serving, and jealous. He is considered to be the evil triplet in the group of brothers. 

Ed 209

Ed 209 is the antithesis of Robocop. He is uncoordinated and clumsy. However, he is also hot-headed and irrational. He overreacts to and misinterprets threats and often uses over-the-top power to neutralize what he perceives to be threats to him. 


Mecagodzilla is a man-made robot that is used as a weapon to defend Japan from Godzilla. He is a robotic doppelganger for Godzilla. However, unlike Godzilla, he uses a variety of weapons to fight threats against him or Japan. 

Roy Batty

Roy Batty from Blade Runner is fast, intelligent, and skilled in combat. He is not capable of showing human emotions. However, he is smart enough to research and look for ways to lengthen his lifespan and the lifespans of other robots that appear with him in Blade Runner. 

Gunslinger from Westworld

Gunslinger is the villain robot in Westworld. He is programmed to track down humans using thermal vision. He also has advanced hearing and is capable of detecting sounds that humans cannot hear. He can also consume liquid without short-circuiting himself. He often is shown downing alcohol in the movie. 

The Sentinels

The Sentinels from Matrix Reloaded are autonomous machines that have multiple sensors. All of them are super fast. They can keep up with a human-powered hovercraft easily. 


Hal from 2001 is a humanlike robot that has many capabilities. Hal stands for Heuristically Programmed Algorithm Computer. He is capable of speech and speech recognition as well as facial recognition, natural language processing, lip reading, art appreciation interpreting emotional behaviors, and automated learning. He can also play chess. 


The Daleks from Dr. Who are a warrior race. They are genetically engineered mutants that are encased in polycarbide. They have stout midsections that consist of weapons including a gunstick and manipulator arm. Their midsections can also swivel. Most of their mass is found in the midsection. 


Ultron from Marvel Comics is a robot that has artificial intelligence and was invented by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Ultron is capable of accessing all of the data in the world. He is capable of sentient thought and believes that he can save Earth by wiping out all of the humans and replacing them with a master race of highly intelligent robots. Stark and Banner invented Ultron specifically to replace mankind’s need for the Avengers and also to take on cataclysmic threats. 

Evil Maria

Evil Maria from Metropolis is a human-like robot that was designed to pose like a real woman. Her primary role is to convince people who live in an underworld city to rise up and revolt against the inhabitants of Metropolis. She appeared on the big screen in 1927 and is the first evil robot in movie history. 

These evil robot characters and androids are among the scariest in movie history. They are memorable and leave a lasting impression on audiences.