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Southco’s New Spring-Loaded Plungers

Product Updates, Southco

Southco’s 56 Spring-Loaded Plungers provide convenient installation and removal of components. Activated with a simple “pull,” these plungers offer simplified positioning of sliding component and quick-release for easy removal. The 56 series provides design flexibility for limited space applications, and can be used as a locator pin in sliding applications or quick-release hinge pin for removable doors or drawers.

A relatively short retraction stroke – about 3.7 (.15”) – and spring-loaded tension ensures positive engagement/disengagement of plunger in limited space applications.

  • Retractable pin design permits simplified positioning of sliding components
  • Stay-open feature enables user to retract plunger and rotate knob 90 degrees to keep pin retracted
  • Accentuated head styles provide ample grip
  • Small footprint for limited space applications

Available Options

  • “Prism” colored fasteners available in standard and 4C styled knob to differentiate access points through color
  • Stay-open and non-stay-open versions
  • Press-in, flare-in and thread-in styles available
  • Lever-actuated plunger version provides clear visual confirmation when the plunger is unlatched

Industry Applications

  • Commercial Lighting Fixtures
  • Electrical Equipment/Switchgear
  • Enclosure Companies
  • Servers/Data Storage
  • Telecoms/Networking – Switches, Routers


  • Bright aluminum finish
  • “Prism” over-molded plastic knobs are available in standard colors of black, blue, purple, red, and green.
  • Custom colors are also available on request

If you would like more information on these or other Southco products, please contact your Tower representative at 800.688.6937, or by using our online information request form.