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Southco’s New E6 Constant Torque Hinge

Product Updates, Southco

Southco’s line of Constant Torque Position Control Hinges provide constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion, enabling users to easily position doors, display screens and other mounted components and hold them securely at any desired angle – fully opened, fully closed or anywhere in between. Hinges are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and torque ranges to satisfy application needs across industries. 

The E6 Constant Torque Position Control Hinge eliminates the need for secondary supports to hold hinged components in position.


  • Enables easy lifting of heavy doors and panels
  • High torque holds panel in position for safe operation
  • Robust construction suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Reliable improvement over gas struts and friction hinges
  • Integrated positioning technology allows for controlled operating efforts
  • Withstands touch forces, vibration and heavy loading
  • Validated for 20k cycles of operation without maintenance or adjustment
  • Modern, streamlined appearance complements industrial design

Material and Finish Large:

  • Zinc alloy, black paint

Material and Finish Medium:

  • Aluminum alloy, black paint

If you would like more information on these or other Southco products, please contact your Tower representative at 800.688.6937, or by using our online information request form.