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Southco’s New E5 Cam Latch (Wing Knob)

Product Updates, Southco

Southco’s E5 Cam Latch series is designed for applications where quick access is required. With simple, quarter-turn operation, the E5 Cam Latch series delivers robust, vibration-resistant fastening. A variety of grip lengths and numerous head style options provide added security.

These latches deliver affordable simplicity – including quick access with just a quarter turn, the versatility of multiple body materials, plus the flexibility of modular design for numerous actuation and dimensional options. Ramped cams provide a snug fit to minimize vibration and rattles. 

The smooth operation of the E5 Cam Latch design aligns the cam behind the frame for secure latching with a single continuous quarter-turn motion.

  • Available in a variety of head styles – hand-actuated, tool-actuated, and keylocking
  • Tool-operated versions are spring-loaded for grip tolerance and vibration resistance 
  • Padlocking wing knob styles available for left- or right-handed operation 
  • Available in multiple body material options – die-cast zinc, glass-filled nylon, and 304 and 316 stainless steel 

New Padlockable Cam Latch Features Redesigned Wing Knob

  • Redesigned wing knob acts as handle and actuator in one
  • Padlockable feature capable of accepting a hasp shackle up to 8mm in diameter
  • Ball detent operation provides audible feedback of latching status
  • Meets NEMA 4/IP65 standards

If you would like more information on Southco’s new E5 Cam Latch (Wing Knob) contact your Tower representative at 800.688.6937, or by using our online information request form.