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Southco’s New Counterbalance Concealed Hinges

Product Updates, Southco

Southco is proud to announce the addition of their standard Counterbalance mechanisms, which include the recently launched CB Counterbalance Hinge to the Strategic Products category of their Partners for Growth program.

Southco's Counterbalance Hinges counteract the downward force of gravity and provide precise control when opening and closing heavy panels, enabling the panel to be lifted and lowered effortlessly.

CB Counterbalance Hinges provide precise control when opening and closing heavy panels, reducing safety and liability concerns while improving end user ergonomics.

  • Controls motion by neutralizing panel weight
  • Enables easy lifting and position control
  • Improves safety and ergonomic operation
  • Compact design allows mounting inside enclosures
  • High cycle life reduces warranty and installation costs
  • High vibration resistance for harsh applications
  • Corrosion-resistant construction withstands hot and cold environments
  • Maintains consistent performance without maintenance or readjustment

Available Options

  • Adjustable construction for customizable operation
  • Available with a variety of torque ranges
  • Adjustability within specified torque ranges

Material and Finish

  • Aluminum, black anodized

Industry Applications

  • Bus, Coach & RV
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military Vehicle
  • Off-Highway - Construction, Farm Vehicles

If you would like more information on these or other Southco products, please contact your Tower representative at 800.688.6937, or by using our online information request form.