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New PEM Unit Provides Instant Feedback on Blind Threaded Insert Installation

Product Updates, PEM

The new Atlas® Process Monitoring unit introduces a cost-effective capability to monitor the operation of standard Atlas tools while installing blind threaded inserts and provide instant feedback and defect detection in line with quality and process requirements. The unit pairs with standard Atlas RIV938 or RIV939 installation tools and compares insert installations with job parameters established at the outset. Failed installations will signal the unit to shut down the tool for corrective actions before proceeding. The unit ultimately serves as an affordable process monitoring system priced at a fraction of competitive alternatives in the marketplace.

Among other features and benefits, visual and audible alarms signal correct or incorrect installations, piece counters and batch counters ensure the proper number of inserts are installed, adjustments can be made easily on the unit’s Electronic Module, and password-protected intervention levels prevent unauthorized changes to tool settings.

Unit setup is simple and, once specific installation requirements are designated, the unit will compare all subsequent installations to the established criteria. The unit further can be customized to deliver data to external devices, including PLCs.

Atlas is a division of PennEngineering® specializing in blind threaded inserts and installation tools for fastening applications where only one side of an assembly is accessible for attachment hardware.

If you would like more information on PEM’s new Atlas® Process Monitoring unit contact your Tower representative at 800.688.6937, or by using our online information request form.