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Keystone’s New Densi-Pak 9 Volt Battery Holder

Product Updates, Keystone Electronics

Keystone's new Densi-Pak 9 Volt Battery Holder features a pre-wired enclosure for a 9 Volt battery and can be designed to be placed in any device.

This new addition to the Keystone Densi-Pak series of battery holders is designed for versatility. The holder can be placed on or off a board or between components, cards or anywhere where space is limited. This holder can be placed in any location that makes it more convenient for the user to change the battery.

This high performance 9 Volt Battery Holder is made of ABS Plastic with Brass, Nickel-Plated contacts for a reliable, low contact resistance battery connection. The snap-on cover design, protects and secures the battery within the compartment to prevent shorting or damage. Supplied with 6” long #26 AWG long tinned and snipped wire leads, Keystone Part Number 245.


# of Cells: 1

Cell Size: 9 Volt

Material: ABS

Mounting: WIRE LEADS

Type: Holder

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