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Heyco® Product Update: Rotary Dampers and Stainless Steel SunRunner® Cable Clips

Product Updates, Heyco

Heyco® Rotary Dampers – 20° Pressure Angle Series

  • Guarantee a smooth controlled opening and closing of mechanisms.
  • Absorb and slow down motion to decrease vibration, noise and machine component wear.
  • Designed to enable mechanisms to operate with a smooth rate of acceleration to provide a feel of quality.
  • Slow down left, right or bi-directional rotation.
  • RD20-XX-YYY-ZZ where XX = mounting style code, YYY = torque and ZZ = teeth
  • Applications include Computer Docking Station, CD Player, Any front/back panel of PC, Printer, TV, and home appliance.

HEYClip™ Stainless Steel SunRunner ® 4-2 and 4-2U Cable Clips For Oval Micro-Inverter Cables

  • Designed to hold Micro-Inverter oval cables .250˝ (6,3 mm) x .385˝(9,8 mm).
  • Constructed from heat treated 410 stainless steel for excellent strength and corrosion protection for outdoor exposure.
  • Smooth clip edges prevent damage to cable insulation.
  • “S” hook clip design will fit a wide variety of extruded aluminum profiles.
  • SunRunner 4-2 is designed for solar mounting frames such as the ones used by with Everest, SnapNrack and similar extrusions.
  • SunRunner 4-2U features a shorter S hook for Unirac, IronRidge and similar frame profiles.
  • Neatly dresses cables along mounting frame channels from .080

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